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Roof Replacement


Several factors need to be considered when determining whether it’s time to replace your commercial roof.

Know the Age of your Commercial Roof – The lifespan of a commercial roof is typically 20-25 years. Having a record of when the roof was originally installed, and maintenance records will help determine if it needs repairs or needs to be replaced.

Your Energy Bills – Allowing issues with your existing roof system to persist will only lead to collateral costs down the road If you are unsure, contact any of our Tecta America locations for an inspection.

Flat Roof Replacement

The roof on your commercial building is your first line of defense against all of the elements. Sometimes the only option is to replace your flat roof to keep the building and everyone in it safe.

Flat roofs can help prevent issues like ponding and water damage that can affect the structure of the building. You can expect a roof that will last for years to and an increased property value.

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal is durable roofing material and will improve the appearance of your commercial building. It is energy-efficient and low maintenance.

You can expect your metal roof to last for decades and potentially see a decrease in your energy bills.

Routine inspection, repairs, and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your current roofing system. Contact our locations for more information.