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Skylights on a Commercial Roof

Commercial skylights allow the natural sunlight to penetrate through a roof.  There are three primary types of skylights, tubular, ventilating, and fixed. Ventilating skylights are often referred to as roof windows. Skylights are available in many shapes, but the most popular shapes are pyramid, flat, arched, and domed.

The purpose of the skylight is to increase the amount of natural light that flows in and through your business. You can also feel the weather outside from the comfort of your home and if you enjoy view sighting then what can be more better than this.

Benefits of Commerical Roof Skylights

Saving on Electricity

Installing skylights will reduce the number of lights you use in your building.  No switches to flip because the room will be illuminated with natural light. This will save on electric consumption and reduce energy bills.

Helping the Environment

Skylight windows help save energy and help with your power bill, they also help to conserve Earth’s natural resources. Even on cold days, skylights share the warmth of the sun in your building ad help reduce heating costs.

Improved Health

Studies have shown skylight windows expose employees to natural lighting and improves a person’s health by reducing anxiety, diminishing stress levels, and decreasing the chance of developing nearsightedness. For businesses, natural lighting has been shown to increase productivity and even lead to more sales!

Considerations of Skylights

If commercial skylights are installed correctly, they shouldn’t require much maintenance other than keeping the interior surface clean and dust-free. If a leak is ignored, there can be expensive structural damage.  If the glaze portion of your skylight is leaking, check to see if there are any cracks in the component.

It can be difficult to find leaks in skylights and it’s likely that water can pool around the curb flashing, known as ponding. Through extensive exposure, knowledge, and experience, we have successfully installed skylight windows for numerous clients. Tecta America can help you select a quality skylight that will work for your business.


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